Our Legacy
EshwarThe illustrious history of Raj Diamonds begins when renowned connoisseur of fine jewellery, Vijaykumar Surana built the first showroom in Bengaluru in 2010. The first branch was located in the traditional heart of Old Bangalore at Jayanagar.
Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Eshwar Surana joined the family run business at a young age. He completed his early education in the heritage city of Mysore and graduated as a Gemologist From the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (New York) in 2011. His knowledge in the sourcing and sorting of diamonds gained a practical dimension in Mumbai where he learnt the manufacture of jewellery. This combination of formal training in gemology and practical industry experience held him in good stead when Eshwar began heading the manufacturing for Raj Diamonds in 2012.
The ever-increasing demand for our exclusive collections led to the launch of our second showroom in a prime spot on MG Road in 2014. The enchanting line-up of ornaments at the new showroom also featured a newly designed bridal collection. The clientele return to their stores due to the personal touch of hospitality and individual attention Eshwar ensures every customer receives.
Our Expertise
Raj Diamonds has ushered in a whole new era of diamond artistry. Luxury and allure come together to create vast collections of designs such as Antique, Contemporary, Uncut, Gold, Platinum and the ever celestial Hearts and Arrows collection. In the depths of intangible elegance, Raj Diamonds brings power to the world of diamonds.
Crafted by skilled artisans, each piece is an enticing masterpiece. A rare mix of traditional and contemporary designs, our creations would surely make those moments memorable and those occasions special. Valuing their customers, all their diamonds reflect immaculate quality at competitive prices.
Raj Diamonds is unique in offering their customers 100% Money Back Guarantee on the value of the diamonds purchased from their stores, excluding the tax.
Apart from in-house craftsmanship, Raj Diamonds also imports jewellery from around the world to satisfy the growing public demand. They are pioneers in sourcing emeralds from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia for their customers. These countries are known for their quality and brilliance within the emerald industry.
Our solitaires are certified by G.I.A, A.G.S, H.R.D and I.G.I. Apart from the traditional 57 facet diamond that is relatively common in the market, Raj Diamond has expertise in the precise cutting of the diamond to reveal 81 facets - bringing out each dazzling stone’s brilliant light from deep within.
Own a piece from these exquisite collections and you will cherish it forever.